Heat Pumps Don’t Work

Sadly, we hear a lot of stories about friends, or friends of friends, who installed an air source heat pump (ASHP) and they aren’t happy.
The most common issues are:
Not insulated
Not installed properly
Not using the system properly / were not shown how
Electricity bill higher, but not factoring in oil or LPG savings
You if or someone you know is unhappy with the performance of your ASHP, always speak to the installer or manufacturer. Warranties are there for a reason. Heat pumps have been installed in over 177million households worldwide to date. It’s not “dodgy new tech”, if there is a problem, get help.
Our installation partners, Eco247, offer a 2 year workmanship warranty, on top of the 7 year manufacturers warranty. They are responsive, and understand how to get the best out of Welsh heat pumps.
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