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The ECO4 Scheme:
Promoting Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Great Britain's Homes

The government of Great Britain has launched the Energy Company Obligation ECO4 scheme to help households become more energy efficient, reduce carbon emissions, and promote sustainability, including free solar panels. Under the latest version of this scheme, known as ECO4, eligible homes can benefit from a range of energy efficiency and heating measures that are installed for free or at reduced costs. Free Energy Saving Measures Some of the most significant benefits of the ECO4 scheme are the provision of Free solar panels, Free Air Source Heat Pumps, and Free internal wall insulation.
We believe we can all make a difference to our world by installing the best energy measures. This way we can cut large fuel bills and work towards affordable energy provision whilst also reducing cold-home related illnesses.
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Step 1 - Eligibility

ECO eligibility is assessed using a combination of criteria. Property EPC, (Energy Performance Certificate) personal circumstances, property type and the main heating used. Click the link below to check if you and your property qualifies.

Step 2 - Property Survey

We’ll arrange for a surveyor to visit your property to carry out a full property survey to understand what measures you need to qualify for funding and to make your home more energy efficient. This usually takes between 30 and 60 minutes.

Step 3 - Installation

Once all your documents are received and the funding is approved by your local council or DWP you will be contacted and we will arrange an installation date. The work will be done around you with as little inconvenience as possible.

Depending On Your Property's EPC Rating You Can Claim Various Free Measures


Free Solar Panel Installation

We will do our absolute best to help you find funding to improve your home's energy efficiency. This way we help you keep your home's energy bills as low as possible. Thats a promise!

By improving your home’s energy efficiency you will be lowering your home’s carbon foot print whilst also saving yourself money. 

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Our Aim

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We’re part of a national funded drive to improve home energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions.

Did you know energy companies have been paying part of your bill into a fund for years? These measures are free because you've already paid for them.

We’re all working towards the same goal – to reduce everyone’s carbon footprint, to lower your bills and to keep you and your family warm. See if you qualify and let’s arrange a survey to find out what measures are suitable for your home.