About EcoGen

We are Ecogen, working to make sure that every possible qualifying property and household in England, Wales, and Scotland is warm and fuel efficient. Many households in the UK are in need of more help with their energy bills.

Fuel poverty is a situation where a household is unable to afford to heat their home to a comfortable temperature. This is usually a result of low income, increased energy prices, reduced energy efficiency, and poor quality home insulation and heating measures.

In 2014, the government introduced in legislation a fuel poverty target for England to improve as many fuel-poor homes as is reasonably practicable to a minimum energy efficiency rating of Band C, by the end of 2030.

Out of this came the ECO4 scheme, now in its fourth round. As a business promoting the ECO4 scheme, EcoGen works with local authorities, housing associations, private landlords, and households to ensure that as many properties are upgraded to increase energy use efficiency, as well as reduce the impacts of fuel poverty on health which can be severe, the physical impacts of cold, damp homes, which are significant, and alleviating the mental effects of fuel poverty.

Oil Heater Ecogen
Oil Heater Ecogen

Poor Energy Efficiency

We aim to specifically target those homes with the poorest home energy efficiency ratings.

Whole Of Market

We work with a wide range of installers of measures available under every funding scheme.

Best Measures Available

We will find the most appropriate measures to suit the individual household.

Trustmark Installers

We will only work with installers registered under the government standard, Trustmark

Maximise Your Funding

We will always aim to find ways to maximise your funding under the various schemes.

Reduce Energy Bills

Our ultimate aims are to cut the cost of keeping households warm and reducing health-related issues.

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Why We Do What We Do

It’s shocking that over the past 12 months millions of families and households throughout the UK still could not afford to heat their homes properly. Not only are people having to live in uncomfortable conditions, but we know that cold, damp homes deepen health inequalities, cause misery and suffering, and can even lead to vulnerable people dying prematurely.

We are committed to doing our utmost to make sure that as many households as possible can enjoy the comforts of living in warm conditions that others take for granted.