Boiler Replacement

Who is eligible for the ECO4 boiler replacement?

Given the rising cost of living, many households are currently struggling to make ends meet. Therefore, the idea of installing a new boiler now seems unimaginable. However, you may need a boiler replacement and you may not have the option or the cash to install a new one.

There were approximately 134,000 boilers installed under ECO3, whereas under ECO4 boiler installations will be limited to 5,000 and there are additional rules regarding the types of boilers covered.

Whenever possible, ECO4 upgrades will aim to repair inefficient boilers. Only non-condensing boilers will qualify under the new rules
ECO4 Eligibility Criteria

As of September 2022, there have been two main boiler schemes in operation in the UK. The first is ECO4, the fourth in a series of UK government boiler subsidies, and this latest scheme is set to cover the years 2022-2026. The main objectives of the program are:

  • making UK homes more energy efficient
  • solving fuel shortages
  • making energy more affordable

But what exactly does the ECO4 scheme offer?

ECO4 aims to improve the energy efficiency of around half a million homes in the UK. In terms of eligibility, to qualify for the ECO4 program you must be in receipt of a qualifying benefit, including housing benefit or qualify through the LA Flex scheme.

An EPC Rating, or Energy Performance Certificate, assesses your home’s energy needs and average costs, and describes how you can reduce your energy usage.

Once you’ve met the criteria, we will arrange a free, no-obligation home assessment survey, they will recommend the best eco measures to reduce your homes energy usage.

The installation of your free energy efficiency measures will be carried out by experienced heating engineers, on a date to suit you. Fully certified gas safe heating engineers perform all boiler installations.

ECO4 is backed by large and medium energy suppliers. They have legal obligations under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme. This includes companies like British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON, Scottish Power, and Octopus Energy.

For more information please go to the government’s Ofgem website.
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