Rhian's house was freezing now she doesn't have to light her fire before work anymore. ECO4

Rhian used to live in a freezing cold house. She had to light the fire before she left for work so that her house could be warm for when she came home. It is sad to hear of this happening in this day and age in a first world country. Getting ECO4 funding, with the help of EcoGen, has truly changed Rhian's life. Watch the video to see how we help can help you through ECO4.

Landlord Tommy could not believe his luck! He got multiple properties done with ECO4 funding.

Tommy was so happy that EcoGen could help him secure funding for all his eligible properties. He was amazed at the level of service and support we provided him with. Tommy's properties got free Solar, Free Air Source Heat Pumps(ASHP) and free Insulation through the ECO4 and LA FLEX Scheme.

A very honest and emotional interview about how the ECO4 and LA FLEX Scheme are helping people.

Alan and Jeanette were blown away when they were told they were eligible for ECO4 funding. It really did change their lives. Seeing Alan and Jeanette this happy with the work done through the ECO4 scheme is what makes our job at EcoGen worth while. What lovely people.

Alan and Kerry could not believe it was real! Great service? ECO4 Funding help by EcoGen

Alan and Kerry genuinely thought it was a scam but after Mandy from EcoGen helped them through the process and they had the work done they were happy. They saved 10s of thousands of pounds and increased their property value with a 100% ECO4 grant. We're so glad we could help them.

Kathryn was amazed they got 100% ECO4 funding. They had never qualified for anything before

Kathryn did not believe they would qualify for ECO4 funding. She was pleasantly surprised when she was told by Mandy from EcoGen that they would qualify. There are many people who do not realise that they could qualify for ECO4 funding. Remember you can qualify for financial and health reasons.

ABS Scheme / ECO4 Scheme IWI (Internal Wall Insulation ) In 90 Seconds This is a great example of IWI.

This is a great example of IWI and how its installed. As you can see when it is completed and plastered the room looks better than it did before. Having IWI installed should save up to 35% on your heating bills. Plus your home will be warmer.