More people employed in renewables than fossil fuel

Did you know that since the beginning of 2021, there have been more people in the world working in renewables than in traditional energy? Over 36 million people are currently employed, with that number increasing literally every day.

Investment trends naturally started sooner, with 2016-2018 seeing almost matched money invested globally, with renewables taking off exponentially from there, leaving oil & gas in it’s ever-polluting tracks. Currently, renewable investments are more than 75% greater in fact.

In the UK, renewables represent a huge opportunity for new, skilled careers, re-training / upskilling. The IEA (International Energy Agency) estimates about 50% of workers in the fossil fuel industry can retrain into renewables with only a month of dedicated training.

The industry also boasts a significantly higher percentage of high-skilled careers vs the broader economy at 36% vs 27%. That’s 25% more opportunities for switched-on people (see what we did there?) who want more challenging, rewarding careers.

The UK isn’t doing super well with employment, compared to our European neighbours. With a projected gap of 200,000 people. The range of jobs are broad. Why not add “renewables”, “solar”, “wind” or “hydro” to your search terms next time you are looking at your options?

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