Another day, another good news story for heat pumps

Widespread mis-information across the UK about air source heat pumps only working in hot countries, or, if they do work in the UK, it’s only in new builds, is now regularly being dispelled by studies from a variety of sources. 

One such study has come from an independent research & technology organisation, the Energy Systems Catapult. can be in homes, regardless of age, and regardless of the part of the country. 

Of 750 homes spanning (almost!) the length and breadth of the UK, found heat pumps were effective. We will further update you on results of this study later in summer, when more solid data is available. 

In Europe, the Fraunhofer Society have spent 20 years monitoring the performance of heat pumps. They conclude heat pumps actually outperform gas boilers, referencing properties over 100 years old. 

That’s not to say 100% of properties are suitable for heat pumps. There are various reasons for this. Overwhelmingly though, the evidence is confirming that the majority of properties can be updated, provided there is the right system design, and suitable insulation. 

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