Insulation, more than a winter perk

Good insulation keeps your house warmer in cooler months, by reducing heat loss by up to 33%. 
Did you know loft and wall insulation can keep your home cooler in summer as well? 
The barrier created by insulation prevents heat gain, as well as heat loss, moderating the temperature inside your home.
The first step of any ECO4 project is to check your loft insulation is up to standard, pop up if necessary, and to install the most appropriate wall  insulation product for your property.
If you having internal wall insulation, your surveyor and installing team will discuss the importance of ventilation, and how we can help you get the right balance. 
We are always happy to discuss the specific requirements of your property, and the options available through ECO4. We know not all properties are suitable for all cavity wall insulation for example, and we are happy to share expert product knowledge to aid your decision making. 
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