We don’t need any more oil or gas

In a world first, a peer-reviewed paper has been published in a scientific journal has confirmed no further oil or gas projects are required to power or heat the world. 

The world has turned a critical point, with renewables – solar, wind, hydro, etc, finally having advanced enough in efficiency and market reach, to make this possible. Billions and billions in investment, policy change, cultural and ethical shifts, and commitment by scientists, engineers, journalists, (some) politicians, and the voices and choices of everyday people in our communities have made this achievement possible. 

With fossil fuel emissions still rising and new drilling leases being signed off as recently as last year, this heavily-reviewed and critiqued paper could not come better time.  We know the only way to each the Paris Agreement promises of 1.5C temperature increase is to stop fossil fuels. We now have hard evidence that this is not just essential, but possible. 

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