Wall insulation – how to get it right

Heat loss through walls is approx 30% in most houses. Proper insulation is one of the best ways to reduce your heating bills, and enjoy a warmer house. 
Wall insulation has come a long way since rockwool and other materials were stuffed into cavities. Unfortunately, we still see a lot of houses were a proper assessment hasn’t been carried out, with often devastating consequences. Cavities filled when they shouldn’t, or with the wrong materials, home owners applying non-breathing membrane to walls and trapping moisture, causing black mould.
Insulate and ventilate is the slogan we believe in, regardless of the type of construction materials used to build your walls. 
Whether your home is a modern build, or a 200+ year old farm house, there is almost always a suitable form of wall insulation for you. A thorough survey, conducted by professionals who understand the pros and cons of different solutions and can offer practical product advice, to suit your specific situation, is always the best starting point. Always understand your product and service warranty options before making a commitment as well. 
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