ECO4 How To Apply

To apply for the UK ECO4 scheme, you can follow these steps:

To apply for the UK ECO4 scheme, you can follow these steps:

Review the scheme details:

Become familiar with the policies and objectives of the ECO4 program. The £4 billion scheme aims to provide heating and energy-saving measures for UK homes between April 2022 and March 2026.

Eligibility Determination:

To better understand your eligibility criteria for the ECO4 program, familiarise your self with requirements set by your local energy company. The main policies are to support the lowest income households, where households receive a qualifying vehicle test subsidy. Other criteria may apply depending on your home’s energy efficiency rating and the specific measures you need.

Choose energy saving measures:

Identify energy efficiency measures relevant to your home. The ECO4 program includes various upgrades such as electric heating upgrades, loft insulation, internal wall insulation, exterior wall insulation, room-in-roof insulation and the first time central heating.

Request advice and information:

If you need advice on energy efficiency or information on programs you could benefit from, you can visit OFGEM website if you live in England and Wales. For those in Scotland, you can contact the Home Energy Scotland (HES) helpline or visit the Energy Saving Trust website.

Contact your energy company:

Contact required energy companies directly to learn about their participation in the ECO4 program and whether they can help you. The relevant contact details for these companies can be found in the ECO supplier contact list provided by OFGEM.

By following these steps, you can start the UK ECO4 program application process and explore the possibility of getting funding to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

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