Cheaper rates for Heat Pump customers

What’s better than saving energy bills and having a warmer house, all the time, thanks to Eco4 funding?  How about a cheaper electricity tariff, just because you have an air source heat pump? Following in the footsteps of OVO, Octopus are now offering a Cosy Octopus tariff.  Octopus customers might already be benefiting from discounted off-peak […]

When Pigs Fly!

A lot of potential customers we speak to have heard bad press about one or another of the measures Eco4 provides.  One such gentlemen said to me once “I’ll get solar panels when pigs fly!” Well, pigs might still be land bound, but scientists have recently observed an equally implausible phenomenon: hippos can fly! Up to 15% of […]

We don’t need any more oil or gas

In a world first, a peer-reviewed paper has been published in a scientific journal has confirmed no further oil or gas projects are required to power or heat the world.  The world has turned a critical point, with renewables – solar, wind, hydro, etc, finally having advanced enough in efficiency and market reach, to make […]

Another day, another good news story for heat pumps

Widespread mis-information across the UK about air source heat pumps only working in hot countries, or, if they do work in the UK, it’s only in new builds, is now regularly being dispelled by studies from a variety of sources.  One such study has come from an independent research & technology organisation, the Energy Systems […]

Insulation, more than a winter perk

Good insulation keeps your house warmer in cooler months, by reducing heat loss by up to 33%.  Did you know loft and wall insulation can keep your home cooler in summer as well?  The barrier created by insulation prevents heat gain, as well as heat loss, moderating the temperature inside your home. The first step of any ECO4 […]

ECO4 supports those who need it the most

ECO4 is not (just) about supporting people who are on certain benefits. For this 4th iteration of ECO, the government has targeted funding to low income households, and people with health conditions adversely impacted by the cold. Low income households often live in properties that are less energy efficient, both in rentals and when the house […]

What is the economic cost of climate change?

Understandably, we talk a lot about the damage climate change is causing to our natural environment. The impact on a personal level is easy to see, in complaints about the impact of the heat on individuals, conversations about the unreasonably long and wet spell we saw at the start of 2024, and concerns raised over […]

My house is too old and big. A heat pump won’t work

We hear this misconception a lot. The problem isn’t the size or age of the property. It is a lack of insulation in the property, and/or, a badly designed system that results in higher energy costs. Properly designed systems in well insulated properties of all ages have been shown, time and time again, to provider warmer […]

Wall insulation – how to get it right

Heat loss through walls is approx 30% in most houses. Proper insulation is one of the best ways to reduce your heating bills, and enjoy a warmer house.  Wall insulation has come a long way since rockwool and other materials were stuffed into cavities. Unfortunately, we still see a lot of houses were a proper assessment […]