UK government behind on heat pump targets

On Monday it was reported the UK government has only reached approx 10% of its target to upgrade homes to air source heat pumps. Cost was stated as a clear barrier. Mis-information and a lack of a clear communication and education plan were the other main causes of the slow uptake.

For people who qualify for the Eco4 scheme there is no cost concern, the improvements are free to the customer.

In general, people want reassurances of the effectiveness and efficiency of the 80 year old technology. They want to understand the impact on their lives, and existing habits. They need to understand how it works, in terms they understand. Some have heard of bad experiences.

We think the message should be simple and honest, address people’s concerns, and provide evidence of how the changes will affect lives. 

Change is hard for a lot of people. Rather than focusing on the government’s own environmental objectives, provide hard information about real cost savings. Help people understand the difference a fixed-temperature home has on daily life. Explain the multigenerational benefit, how the improvements protect the future of the property. Be honest about plans for the future. Detail the guarantees and warranties.

At the end of the day, a heat pump won’t be the best option for every property. We are here to help you understand your options, be it upgrading from oil, LPG, electric or an old, non-combi boiler.

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