How Will The Government Energy Grant Be Paid?

UK Government Energy Grant: Payment Process and Eligibility Criteria Explained

Improving home energy efficiency is essential for lowering bills and meeting climate goals. Fortunately, the UK government offers several grants to make upgrades more affordable. This guide explains key grants available, their payment process, and eligibility criteria.

An Introduction to UK Energy Grants

Energy grants provide funding for home improvements like insulation, renewable heating systems, double glazing, and more. Benefits include:

– Reduced energy bills
– Lower carbon emissions
– Improved comfort and wellbeing

Grants lower upgrade costs so more households can adopt energy efficient technology.

ECO4 Grant

The ECO4 grant covers loft and cavity wall insulation for low income households in poorly insulated homes.

Key Eligibility Criteria

– Receive certain means-tested benefits
– Live in a home with EPC rating F or G
– Be elderly, disabled, or have an illness

Payment Process

– Apply through participating energy suppliers
– Supplier surveys home and handles installation
– Grant pays directly to the supplier

Boiler Upgrade Scheme

This grant provides £5,000 for upgrading old gas boilers to new efficient models.

Key Eligibility Criteria

– Homeowners or residential landlords in England and Wales
– Existing boiler must be at least 7 years old

Payment Process

– Use a certified installer under the scheme
– Grant is deducted from total installation cost

Local Authority Delivery Scheme

Part of ECO, this offers energy efficiency upgrades determined by local councils.

Key Eligibility Criteria

– Set by individual local authorities
– Typically for low income households

Payment Process

– Local authority arranges installation
– Households contribute based on income
– Grant covers remaining costs

The UK government offers sizeable funding for energy efficiency upgrades. Check if you qualify and reap the rewards!


ECO4 is backed by large and medium energy suppliers. They have legal obligations under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme. This includes companies like British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON, Scottish Power, and Octopus Energy.

For more information please go to the government’s Ofgem website.
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