ECO4 Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for the UK Energy Company Obligations (ECO4) scheme are outlined in the ECO4 Delivery Guidelines provided by Ofgem ,the governing body responsible for administering the scheme. Here are the key points regarding eligibility:

Household Eligibility:

Specific requirements are made regarding the eligibility of households for ECO4 measures. The guidelines provide information on eligibility criteria that households must meet to participate in the program.

Eligibility for measures:

The ECO4 program supports various energy saving measures that contribute to the achievement of the ECO goals. The guide describes measures that qualify under ECO4 and provides the criteria that must be met in order for each measure to qualify.

ECO Savings:

Tips explain how to determine ECO savings, including partial project information and overall project scores. It provides detailed information on how suppliers should calculate and report the energy savings achieved through the measures taken.

Notice and inquiry:

Suppliers are required to inform Ofgem of the measures they are taking and provide the necessary information. The guidelines specify what information suppliers must submit to Ofgem for reporting and compliance purposes.

Technical tracking and scoring:

Suppliers must meet certain technical and score tracking requirements outlined in the guidelines. These requirements ensure that the measures installed meet the required standards and contribute to the system’s overall energy efficiency goals.

Anti-fraud and audit process:

The guidelines also describe the anti-fraud and audit procedures that suppliers must follow. These processes help ensure system integrity and efficiency.

It should be noted that the information provided does not include specific details of eligibility criteria, such as income thresholds or property requirements. For more up-to-date and comprehensive information on the ECO4 eligibility criteria, you should consult the official guidance documents provided by Ofgem.

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