Cheaper rates for Heat Pump customers

What’s better than saving energy bills and having a warmer house, all the time, thanks to Eco4 funding?  How about a cheaper electricity tariff, just because you have an air source heat pump?
Following in the footsteps of OVO, Octopus are now offering a Cosy Octopus tariff.  Octopus customers might already be benefiting from discounted off-peak periods in the morning and afternoon. The Cosy Octopus offers a third off-peak window, from 22:00-24:00.  All 3 time periods are 50% cheaper than standard tariffs. 
The best part of this new tariff though, is an overall discount of 10%.  10% off your normal bill, and then the 3 off-peak windows.
We are not affiliated with Octopus in any way, and strongly suggest you do your researching before switching energy companies. We are though, very pleased to see this new price structure, and hope to see even more energy providers follow suit. 
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